Zenvera was created by
veteran Ultima Online players and developers looking to build a strong, involved community.

Zenvera’s baseline ruleset is loosely UOR-style and you will find features from nearly every era of Ultima Online here. We have customized housing, pet bonding, tournament and event systems, active factions, bulk orders, power hour, poker, and much, much more.

Stability and Reliability

Zenvera is developed and maintained by Mark Sturgill, the current maintainer of RunUO, Razor, and Sallos.

Community Oriented

The Zenvera community is heavily involved in the development of the shard. Community feedback and suggestions are the driving force of changes on Zenvera.

Active Staff

Zenvera is a self-moderating community with very few rules. This leaves our staff members free to spend their time running events and world building.

Ready to play?

You can be playing Zenvera in just a few minutes.